Alfie the Tortoise

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This week Oak class are learning about Pets.

Mrs Deakin brought in her pet tortoise ‘Alfie’ from home.

We helped to bath Alfie and scrubbed his shell with a toothbrush!

We gave him his favourite food to eat (cucumber) and a drink of water.

We put him to bed in a box full of straw………..which he then had a poo in!

WOW Slips

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In Oak Class today five girls recieved WOW slips  for various reasons.

Lilly – for reading in a calm and collected way. She has learnt to persevere even when she finds the words in a book difficult to read!

Maddison – for being mature and sensitive in play

Jessica – making excellent reading progress

Ellie – using her phonic knowledge in reading

Jamie – trying hard in her reading and displaying a ‘have a go’ attitude!

Well Done Girls!

Superstar Readers!


Olivia, Lucas and Corey have all recieved ‘WOW’ slips today for their fantastic reading efforts.

Olivia has begun to re-read sentences to ensure they make sense!

Lucas is reading with increased fluency and his concentration has improved 100%!

Corey is blending sounds into words and is using the pictures to help him work out the text!

Well Done Guys…………keep up the super work!

Transition to Class 1


The children have spent the last two afternoons getting to know their new Class 1 teacher Mrs Mercer. They have took part in activities, games, stories and a circle time session all aimed at making the transition into KS1 as easy as possible.

Mrs Mercer is thoroughly looking forward to teaching Oak class in September and the children are excited to continue their Norbridge journey into Year 1!



Party in the Yard

Much fun was had at our annual summer fayre on Saturday – ‘Party in the Yard’

We had lots of stalls including; sweets, face painting, stocks, bouncy castle, bric-a-brac, pizza making, water to wine, beer tent and much more…………………………..

Thankyou to all families who donated items throughout our non-uniform days, we were able to raise lots of money to benefit the children at Norbridge Academy.


School Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Today we went on our much anticipated school trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We left on the coach and arrived quickly at the park. Once there we looked at the park map and decided to visit the meerkats first as it was their feeding time.


We then visited the goats and enjoyed stroking them We think we even saw a goat that had a baby in her tummy!


After the goats we looked at the lions (but they were very lazy and just wanted to sunbathe in the sun!)

At the wallaby enclosure we were lucky to walk through and a baby wallaby feeding and climbing in and out of its mummys pouch.


We then walked into Lemur Woods where the lemurs were leaping through the bushes and waiting for the park keeper to feed them. We saw a lemur try and jump into a ladys pushchair………… made us laugh!


After our busy morning we were all starving so went for lunch!

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After lunch we walked to the bird show and watched the parrots perform lots of tricks which made us laugh! We then moved towards the giraffes and leopards.


As it was getting close to hometime we made our last visit of the day……… the squirrel monkeys. These animals were very funny and clever, however we couldn’t get too close otherwise the park keeper said they may steal our bags!


After this there was just time for a quick slide in the play barn and then go and spend our pocket money in the gift shop!

We had a fantastic time, the sun shone all day and children were really well behaved.

Well Done Norbridge!